Sunday, 19 August 2012

how to search data from access databse in VB6

In Visual Basic 6 if someone trying to access some data from a table from a column the best way is to use SQL.
Lets say the ADO control is named is dat1.So the SQL looks something like this 

dat1.RecordSource = "SELECT * FROM Table1 WHERE ID LIKE  '" & Text9.Text &"%'"      
dat1.Caption = dat1.RecordSource

here 'Table1' is name of the table from where one want to search data,'ID' is the name of the column and 'Text9' is the name of the text box.The data entered in the  Text9 text box will be the search input.
I have used wildcard.For MS Access '&' is used as a wildcard.
This is the MS Access database table that i have connected to my VB project and from whare i want to search for data.
This is the application that search the ID and gives the relevant data.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

WBUT ECE 3rd year syllabus

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Reclaim your DVDs.

Many times we face a very common yet unrecoverable problem and that problem is read error or CRC error while reading a DVD. 
Today I will show you different methods of overcoming this problem.
 First of all if you are installing from the DVD or playing directly from DVD then don’t do that. Copy it to your local hard drive. And eventually you will get the error message while copying from normal Window copy pest. You must use Tera copy (click on the link to download) or similar software which can error freely copy from a DVD.
The other thing that you can do yet the risky one is to clean you DVD read write side (i.e the glossy side which you are told not to touch) some time when a DVD is left for a long time due to moisture the glossy side becomes opaque due to dust deposition. Hence laser can not read correctly. So follow these steps.
1. Spray Collin or other cleaner that is used to clean tables or TV screen.(i.e used to clean glass) on the glossy side.
2. Leave it for a second and the rub the glossy side with cotton, rub it until all the Collin is dry.
3. DVD is ready for use.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Nokia 808 PureView 41 mega pixel Camera

Cant believe your own eyes?well, guess what i didn't too and lost bet with one of my dearest friend.But it is true, Nokia has announced a phone that will come with an 41 MP camera.They announced it at MWC 2012 and named it 808 PureView.
The technology means that taking typically sized shots (say, 5 megapixels) the camera can use oversampling to combine up to seven pixels into one “pure” pixel, eliminating the visual noise found on other mobile phone cameras. On top of that, you can zoom in up to 3X without losing any of the details in your shot – and there’s no artificially created pixels in your picture, either.
                                     some says that it will be available in india for Rs.30,000/-
Nokia 808 Pure View Features:
  • 41 Megapixel Camera With Xenon Flash And LED Flash
  • 1.3 GHz Processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • 1080p 30fps Recording
  • 5.1 Dolby Surround Support
  • Symbian Belle fp1
  • 16 GB On-Board Storage
  • FM Transmitter
  • HDMI
Nokia 808 Pure View Specifications:
Technology / Frequency Bands
GSM : 850/900/1800/1900 MHz HSDPA : 900/2100 MHz
Type Li – Ion
Capacity 1400 mAh
Standby 465 hours
Talktime 660 mins
Dimensions 123.9×60.2×13.9 mm
Weight 169 g
Form Factor bar
Colors Black,White and Red
Size 360×640 pixels
Type color : LCD
Colors 16000000 colors
Secondary Display no
Camera / Imaging / Video
Camera Yes 12MP
Resolution 4000×3000 pixels
Zoom yes
Flash yes
Video Out yes
Secondary Camera yes
Bluetooth Yes
Irda No
Wlan/Wi-fi Yes
USB yes
GPS yes
3G Yes
Internet Browsing Yes , Symbian Browser
Audio Playback Yes
Video Playback Yes
Ringtones 64 polyphonic MP3/MIDI/WAV/AMR
FM Radio Yes
3.5mm Headphone Jack yes
Inbuilt 16 GB
Memory Slot Yes microSD/TransFlash
Email Yes
Operating System Symbian 3

Friday, 17 February 2012

Custom Domain for Blogger

Its been a long time since i posted anything.But 'a am bahk!' and today i will be posting about free Domain name services like is free domain name provider that enables you to use .tk as your domain name.
According to some .tk and other free domains are very prone to attacks,physing and viruses.But new study shows that this attacks has been lowered.But one may askh how to use it with my existing blogger account.So here it is.
  1. Find the control panel on your domain registrar’s website, and locate your DNS (Domain Name System) settings. In order to link your blog to your custom domain, follow the instructions below to enter your "CNAME" and "A-records."
    Where it says Name, simply enter "www" and list as the Host Name. See our detailed instructions on providing CNAMEs for various registrars. If yours isn't listed, or if you run into other difficulties, contact your registrar directly and they can help you out.
    A-records (optional)
    The following action links your naked domain ( to your actual site ( If you skip this step, visitors who leave off the "www" will see an error page.
    Enter your domain name in the format, and list the I.P. addresses shown below in the "A" section. You'll need to create four separate A-records which point to four different Google IPs.

  2. Update your Blogger settings
    Before you move onto this step, wait about an hour for your DNS settings to activate. If you attempt to change the publishing settings before the DNS changes activate, then we'll let you know with a warning message.
    Now it’s time to make sure Blogger knows about your custom domain so that Google can direct readers to your blog. Just head back to Blogger and update the information on your Settings | Basic tab. Find the area for "Publishing," and click the link to add a custom domain.
    Add a custom domain
    Then, click on "Switch to advanced settings."
    Advanced Settings
    Enter in the URL for your custom domain in the text box provided, and click Save. That’s it! Your address will soon redirect to your new custom domain -- be patient, as it might take up to 24 hours for the redirect to start working.
    Enter URL and save
    Congratulations, you’re all set!
    For users follwo these steps.
    1.First go to and register for a new domain.
    2.Then go to my dot tk and click on 'modify'
    3.Then add your Host name and Id as directed below
    use only these IP Addresses: 
  4. And for CNAME use:
Host Name/Alias Value/Destination
* This is the part of your website's address that you designated. For instance, if you chose as the address, www is the host name.