Sunday, 10 July 2011


I phone 5 is the latest rumor on flight.People and me myself wondering how this new legend will be.Will it have the same design or it will be completely new I Phone?well only time will tell.In mean some rumors and photos are uploaded pleas take a look and imagine what I Phone 5 can be..........
i Phone 5 design 
 i Phone 5 can be a real craze.People can donate their kidney to buy a i Phone 5.I know i can.but jokes apart
Apple has confirmed that their i Phone 5 will run o iOS 5.Which is also the OS for i POD 3rd gen,i Pad 2.It also have 200 new features including i Massage.  

Impossible i Phone gimmick. 

Experts says that new i Phone will have a 8Mega Pixel camera with dual led flash.It also said that I phone 5 will have a 4 inch curved glass display.i Phone 5 will run on a dual core processor,and a 64 GB of storage.Well if this is the i Phone 5,i will be on the front line to buy it..

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