Tuesday, 6 September 2011

How to change your computer e-address

What is IP address?
IP address stands for Internet Protocol Address.By the name you can tell that it is not like your street address.But,It acts like one.IP address is a binary value assigned to a computer which is unique in the netsphear.
It is of form which is a decimal form of that binary code.Below is your IP  

What can a IP address reveal?
ip address can reveal your physical address
IP can reveal where are you from and your server address.While you surfing the net you left lots of usable information behind.Let's say some one knows your IP he can pinpoint your location.It can be your office desk,your home computer or your own server.And if they know your address they can rob you.By the mean "rob you" doesn't mean getting into your house and taking whatever they want,it means 'breaking into your computer or network and taking everything they want'.
Change your IP address.
ip address can be changed by following the below steps:

1: open command prompt.and type ipconfig and press enter.

2. Go to local area connection.then right click on your existing connection and go to property.Then networking tab now enter any IP you want in the range of through through through

if you scrued up then go back to the networking tab and select TCP/IP and hit property and select obtain IP address automatically.You will get a new IP address.
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