Sunday, 14 August 2011

i Phone5 on the horizon

i Phone 5, is the word i doubt, will soon be indexed into dictionary. I am writing this because I uploaded an i phone pic recently and it was downloaded 300 times in 2 days.
I phone 5 some call it I Phone 4s is being manufactured by Pegatron. Reportedly Pegatron is ordered a massive amount of 15miilion i Phone 5 production by Jobes and co. While Apple confirmed that a new I phone is on the horizon it is unclear when it will be available. Some says that it will be in our hand in this September.

People are talking about iOS 5 and iCloud. And Apple’s CFO   Peter Oppenheimer said that “a lot going on in the fall with iOS 5 and iCloud”  but he also confirmed that “future product transition that we will not talk about today” .

According to T3 apple is recruiting more employee for this September. From a source of China Times , Apple will launch i Phone 5 on September 6th.
Adding all the equation we can say that we will be lucky enough to see i Phone 5 in this September .At least we can get our finger crossed.

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