Tuesday, 2 August 2011

My Facebook id got hacked

A recent incident, made me write this post. Being a tech person I will say that internet has the potential to change the world. A day will come when people look back in our time and say “this is when we got online…”
But as of today, Internet has become a place for scammers too.  A group of people who are working day and night to work their way into the modern security systems and believe me they are smart. Sometime, smarter than all of us.
Facebook is a place where people share more than they do on real life. I have seen people who doesn’t talk face-to-face but when they are on Facebook They are completely different person. So, hacking of Facebook account can be very devastating to lot of us.
And I got that message too. Right now someone hacked my Facebook Id and posted some nasty thing on my wall. Fortunately I got it back as it was hacked by some rookie with some stupid tool. So I decided to look what went wrong. And I found lots of terrible and foolish mistake I have made. 
1: I left my Facebook login E-mail address open to all!!!!!!!
2: I did not activate any security services provided by Facebook itself.
So I have decided that I must take immediate action. So, I went to settings and then account settings then security. Then I activated secure browsing and login notification.
What is secure browsing?
Ans.  This means that you serf all the Facebook pages while in “https” mode. HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secured i.e. when you send or receive some data it confined within the secured Facebook network. But this encrypted page takes longer to load and lots of third party applications are not supported. But this does not matter as long as it provides security.
What is login notification?
Ans. Enabling this feature enables you to check if your account is logged in using other computer. So, you can know that you have been hacked. You will get notification to your mail inbox as well as to your mobile. So this is a very useful service.
But wait is there something we are forgetting? Yes you must hide your primary email address by going to the settings account then Privacy settings.
When someone tries to change your Facebook password a confirmation message will be sent to your mail inbox from there you can change it back.
I must thank this hacker who hacked my profile because of him or her I am more safe.
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