Friday, 29 July 2011

Mirror less Digital Cameras for Pro

Mirror less camera is a new breed of camera made for Pro, which stand in middle of Digital System Cameras and Digital Single Lens Reflector (DSLR).But in case of quality, performance and portability The MILC is better than both.
In case of MILCs the reflector lens is not present neither the bigger Light box nor the Pentprism. Instead of those it has electronic view finder. By disposing those bigger mirrors and prisms, the MILCs are super compact and very easy to use.
1.Image is passed by the lenses 2:Light is Projected on a mirror placed at 45 degree 3:Focal plane or shutter
4:Film or sensors 5: Focusing screen 6: Condenser lens 7: Optical glass pentagram
8: Eyepiece
When anybody clicks the Mirror flips and the image is placed on the sensor or the Film.By the above picture you can tell that the image will be the exact as you see it through the eyepiece.But these instruments takes place which makes the SLRs so large.
MILCs does not contains this instruments so obviously they are slimmer and more compact than SLRs.

Here are two best MILCs available in the market:
 The Olympus E-P3:
Olympus E-P3
                                    The Olympus E-P3 should be your first choice if you planning on buying a MILC.The above one is a very efficient camera that can be very useful to you.
There are lots of good features you should be interested in. Check them out.


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