Sunday, 31 July 2011

Cheapest Android based Phone

Looking for an Android but money is short? Here is the answer for those. The Top 3 Cheapest Android Phone Under your Budget.
LG Optimus 1:
If you are looking for a Android based smart phone within your reach then this should be your first choice. It consist of a decent 600 MHz ARM 11 processor(at this price range you can’t expect more),a Adreno 200 GPU for graphics rendering a 512 MB of RAM and a 3.2 capacitive display, and the best part is that the price in India is only Rs.9390/-
You can’t get Dual-core at this range.

Samsung Galaxy Pop S5570:
Another wonder from Samsung priced very low. A 3.2 capacitive display,3.2 MP camera and all that Samsung should have and with that it also an Android phone. Many reports have been posted against this Android for instance many says that it have poor battery life which is true. It has only 1200mAH battery which ensures lesser battery life. But like always You can’t get any better at this price range.
The price in India is only Rs.7800/-

Micromax A70:
In the mobile world Micromax may be considered among new companies their new A70 will surly catch your eye. It has a 3.2 capacitive display a 5MP camera and a 1450mAH battery delivers a decent battery life. By so far you can see that this Andro is better than the POP s5570 but if you a brand lover then you can go with the Samsung.
This one here is priced at Rs.8000/-

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