Saturday, 23 July 2011

Winklevoss Brothers just cant imagine that a nerdy is billionaire and they are zero

Clearly the war against the mighty Facebook hasent over yet for Winklevoss brothers.They dismissed their early case against Facebook but they have seems to be came up with a new idea of framing Facebook.

According to them Facebook withheld evidence that could have been their way to $200 million shares.So,they tries again what is new????

The former Harverd President Larry Summers called Winklevosses "ASSHOLES",  according to him if a man wore
suits in Saturday either he has an job interview or he is an ASSHOLE.

 “It really feels like two jock assholes tried to take money from the little nerdy guy,” said valley veteran John Adams, “The right thing for them to do would have been to start-up a competitor to Facebook and not call sour grapes the whole time.”

Surely they are not giving up so easily,and neither the Silicone Valley,let's see who wins this battle.   

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  1. now the brothers have come up with a new social networking site. read here